PC hangs or reboots when KeePass running

  • Hi,
    yesterday I downloaded KeePass and started to fill my first database, but it occured twice that the PC hanged: no mouse, no keyboard, only hard reset.
    I thought it was a bad day, but this morning, still while running KeePass, the PC rebooted.

    I never experienced such problems before and the only new software I run since yesterday is KeePass, so I'm afraid it's its fault.

    Any help?

    It'd be a pity not being able to use it because I found it's very smart and nice.


    • Paul

      This is very surprising, KeePass runs happily on thousands of machines.
      You may have a corrupt download. Un-install it, download a new copy and run it again.

      cheers, Paul

    • Thank you for your answer Paul.

      I was very surprised too, because I read quite good opinions about your program.

      After I stopped running KeePass, yesterday I didn't have any other problem. I'll follow your advice for a fresh download.

      BTW: I used the ZIP version, unpacked in a "Program Files" subfolder, so without Write rights for standard users (and I was logged as standard user when crash occured).

      My OS is Windows 2000 SP4. Main programs running were Firefox 2.0.0, NOD32, ZoneAlarm, Ghost service and a very few others.

      I'll let you know.

    • Ok,.
      I have to apologize for thinking my problems was depending on KeePass.

      After more tests I'm sure it's something else, still no idea if hardware or software related, but KeePass is innocent.


      Thanks for your support!