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Explanation of new clipboard option?

  • Michael Scheer
    Michael Scheer

    Now that 0.98b is released, could you please provide some information about the new clipboard function? What does it do and how does it work?

    • Dominik Reichl
      Dominik Reichl

      It registers a clipboard monitoring function, i.e. it wants to get notifications when something happens. When something happens, it's the first one in the chain and can block all further notifications for other clipboard monitoring functions. I.e. it intercepts and blocks all clipboard notifications.

      This way, it can also provide the paste-only-once functionality: after the user has pasted its contents (we get notified), it immediately clears the clipboard.

      Best regards

    • Hi,

      is it known that using the new clipboard option will cause the TAN-entries not being expired when copied?

      • Michael Scheer
        Michael Scheer

        Aha thanks! Mine don't expire, but I didn't felt like finding out why... Pls report a bug

    • When the "enhanced" clipboard feature is enabled, it seems the clipboard contents don't expire until pasted. I think this should be "and/or" with the "timed" clipboard feature instead of just "or". Right now, people using (say) the MS Office Clipboard can either have all their copied passwords show up in that program, or they can avoid this but then be faced with passwords that linger on the clipboard indefinitely.