#17 The pop-up menu doesn't apear where the mouse is positioned

Iulian Serbanoiu

When browsing a page of the help file, the popup menu (
right click menu ) doesn't apear at the mouse position.
It works correctly ONLY when the scrollbar of the
window is at the begining.

This happens only when the scroll thumb position is
lowered ( not at the begining of the page - we need to
scroll a little ).

To reproduce the bug:

1. Start the application and load a CHM file
2. Move to a page that has lot of content and needs a
scrollbar to view it
3. Move the scrollbar down ( DO NOT let it at the
begining of the page )
4. Right Click now on the page ( with the scrollbar
moved from the begining )

After this the popup menu should apear in a different
position than the mouse position ( bad behaviour in my
opinion )


    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Logged In: YES

    I made the priority 7 because it is common to copy paste
    from a CHM file and this bug is very annoying.