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JQuantLib 0.2.3 released

After more than one year later, release 0.2.3 is finally out.

Apparently 0.2.3 does not represent a great evolution from 0.1.2 as relatively few new features where added.

Actually, the new 0.2.3 release represents a huge step in order to update JQuantLib to a relatively recent version of QuantLib. Now JQuantLib is compatible with QuantLib 0.9.7.

There are lots of code translated but not yet released which depends on QuantLib 0.9.7 code. In particular: bonds and swaps. This new code is expected to be released in the upcoming releases.


Richard Gomes

JQuantlib is a library for Quantitative Finance written in Java.
twitter: jquantlib

Posted by Richard Gomes 2010-05-22