#3 put jose into a diet, or a lite version.

Ahmet Afsin Akin

is it possible to make a smaller version of jose,
Because many serious chess enthusiast wants to analyze,
annotate and make different variations , or play on the
net or against the computer only. I know i want too
much but, may i suggest kindly for a smaller version,
with this:

- Drop the 3D support and extra eye candy. Or make it
- Use a smaller DB engine, like HSQLDB
- Do not add too many games, only a few example but
flexible to add games.
- add support for a xml based chess game format which
allows annotation, variants etc within (many tried like)
- freechess or other internet server support
- better pgn support or convrsion tools, open, save

This way it could be easier to download.
Once a guy called andreas seramda tried to make this
xml format and sevral converters but project has
dropped i assume.

but if you find this request too far fetched, it is ok,
i like jose anyway. congrats


  • Peter Schäfer
    Peter Schäfer

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    Thanks for your comments !!
    Helpful suggestions are always appreciated.

    In particular:
    * What exactly do you mean by a "lite" version ?
    A smaller download package (which is possible);
    or reducing memory consumption (not quite so easy) ?

    For example, 3D support does not consume resources unless
    you start using it. So dropping it would not improve the
    rest of the pogram.

    * I've tried several small DB engines (including hsql), but
    wasn't satisified with any of them.

    * you need not install a large database. You can start with
    an empty database and import PGN files, which are available
    from many sources.

    * an XML format is very easy to implement. Actually, the
    next release will have XSL-FO formatting and printing (which
    is based on an XML representation of games).

    For exchanging data with other programs, I wouldn't use XML
    but rely on existing standards (PGN).