Syntax highlight for joe ?

  • Syntax highlight would be nice :-).

    • Same thoughts here.

    • Marek Grac
      Marek Grac

      It is not too easy to implement it because lack of time, lack of documentation. we will try to do our best, but it can took time. I'll try to do several things as soon as my exam period will be finished :)


      • David Phillips
        David Phillips

        Is JOE still being developed?  I would like to help add syntax highlighting.  I am an experienced C coder (7 years for UNIX and Windows).  How can I help?

        • Help? You can ry to understand the joe code and come up with some suitable solution (even better with some code).

    • Maybe a cool start would be to see how Nedit's ( syntax lighting works and maye be make Joe compatible with Nedit's pattern ?

      I don't know how to help but I can do testing on this...

      djame (

    • Syntax highlighting is over rated.  I may be the only person on Earth who thinks that.  I have no use for it.

    • Tobias Mathes
      Tobias Mathes

      As long I monitor the project, syntax highlighting is the most wanted features for joe.

      I love joe, I don't use any other editor, BUT to have syntax highlighting would be veeery great. Sometimes it's just needed, not everytime but often enough to have it implemented.

    • Joe Allen
      Joe Allen

      I just checked in the first bits of syntax highlighting
      for JOE.

      Hit ^T H to enable it.  The termcap entry must show support for color (Sb, Sf, ut capabilities).  The Linux console entry tends to have these capabilities, but many xterms don't.  I'll probably add a flag which makes joe assume that ansi color
      exists even if the termcap entries are missing.

      Also, support is limited to C language, 1024 byte line length limit, likely to be lots of bugs, etc., but it's a start.

      I need to create or steal a real parser so that multiple languages can be supported.

    • Syntax highlighting can't wait for that!!!

    • Joe, thanks for doing some stuff with your editor, even if it's been a while.  I can think of a few fairly small editors that rank in a class of "classic".  They work well, have been around for years, and just get the job done.  There's a few of those editors lurking that are not that well known, such as Anker Berg-Sonne's sedit and Barry Scott's Bemacs.  Both of those guys worked at the defunct Digital Equipment Corporation where I once worked, and their editors made great cross platform tools.  Your joe editor also falls into a similar category.

      Congratulations on making a few changes to put new life into a finely aged, very useful tool!  Thanks for your works and your contributions to freely available software!

      Brian Masinick
      masinick at yahoo dot com

    • Really, all I could want now:

      1. Fix a rare corruption bug that seems to be related
      to using ^K / for running a buffer through a command.
      I have a big-endian box with unsigned char and am
      using the joe v2.8 that Debian ships.

      2. Change the default keymap so that I can paste a
      gcc error message into joe without getting all sorts
      of strange control characters. This has to do with the
      use of the backtick ("`") for entering control chars.
      Any printable character is a bad choice for this.

      With the above 2 fixes, joe would be perfect.

    • Hi to all,

      I started adding support for java syntax highlighting in Joe...
      It is already working to some extent...
      Has anybody done anything about it?
      I can send the modified files to one of the developers...if they are interested...


      PS thanks again to Joe Allen for this great gift :-) 

    • Ok, I see java support has been already added in joe 3.1
      Now what about TEX syntax highlight support???
      Has anyone started work on it???



    • Hi everyone

      I do need it very much, but I do not think I will have the time to do it myself (work/diploma).

      But I would really like to test/contribute to it... ;-)

      BTW: Thank you for joe. Everyone who is involved. It is the best editor for me. Made switching from windows much easier. I was accostumed to UltraEdit and vi or emacs is more than a culture shock after that... :-)


    • Joe Allen
      Joe Allen

      Somone (anonymous) contributed a basic TeX highlighter.  It's in the current version of JOE in CVS.

    • Is there a way of switching on syntax highlighting (and choosing a language) after loading a file?

      I tend to edit quite a few files which have no specific extension but I know are of C++ like syntax.


      (Joe authors, many thanks for your editor. Is now my favourite terminal based editor)

      • Dan Nelson
        Dan Nelson

        Hit ^T y, then enter the name of the syntax file you want to use (tab-completion works at this prompt too).

    • Hi All,

      I modified the new perl.jsf (or rather, the creator script, because there was a bug. The bug is gone now but I would like to make some further improvements, but I have difficulties to understand how it works.

      Is there any documentation about it somewhere on the 'net?

      Or can somebody recommend a certain .jsf file to study for examples?


      And - to express the obvious ^_^ :
      Joe is the best! Small - simple - fast - easy to learn - has a Block Mode (the killer feature against most other editors)!

      Best regards & thanks 4 the program & 4 keeping it alive!

    • Just found the answer in the "Help"-section:

      > The only documentation is the comments in the c.jsf file.

      Thanks :-)