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progress bar smaller in each test run

  • Hi,
    each time I repeat a test, the result bar grows less. After two tests, it takes only half of the screen, after four test one fourth and so on. (JMUNIT CLDC 1.0 delivered with Netbeans)

    • By repeating a test, I mean exit the midlet and re-run it. I tried with CLDC 1.1, same effect

      • Brunno Silva
        Brunno Silva

        A very strange bug. I have some ideia of what is happening, but this kind of thing was tested, that's why it's so strange. I'm going to double-check it in the J2MEUnit 2.0 (next release).

    • CA Meijer
      CA Meijer

      This is very easy to fix.  You need to make a change to the Test and Result source files.

      1. Result class file:
      Add the following method:
         public static void clearTotalOfTests()
            totalOfTests = 0;
            elapsedTime = 0;

      2. Test class file:
      Replace the destroyApp method (currently empty) with:
          public final void destroyApp(boolean unconditional)

      I can send anybody who needs this fix the appropriate JARs as well as the modified source and an Ant build script.  The build script also fixes a minor bug that causes problems on MIDP 1.0 devices (the bug is described in the Hammock user guide: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hammockmocks\).  You can contact me using my sourceforge identity or, equivalently, by emailing me (hammingweight at gmail dot com).