#536 Desired improvements to Bachrus Speedometer support


I have one of the Bachrus USB speedometers I use with a Digitrax command
station. Everything runs properly, but I need to increase the time between speed
step changes when running a profile, as well as increase the time between
forward and reverse running to allow the speeds to stabilize.

First: I'd like to see something in the main panel for the speedometer that would allow you to adjust both the delay between speed steps when running a profile, and the time delay between switching from forward to reverse. This would both allow more time for speed to stabilize, and alloy more time for the speedometer to reset when reversing directions.

Perhaps as yet another option, the ability to manually step through those speed steps would also be beneficial, I believe, This would allow for faster speed table settings in OPS mode, since you could go through the speed table one step at a time, programming each one as you go, eliminating the need to run a whole profile each time you tweaked the table.

I would suggest these take a form something like this:

Run Profile:...[O] Automatic - Advance 1 speed step every [ x ] seconds
...............................[ x ] seconds between Forward and Reverse Runs
...............[O]....Manual - Advance one speed step on -> (right arrow)

[O]=Radio button [ x ]=text box

There was a suggestion in the users group to put the time step variable on the Connection panel under the Bachrus speedometer, but that would necessitate restarting the program every time you made a change. That would get old in a hurry!