JLog 1.3.6 Released

JLog is a Prolog interpreter written in Java that is well suited for educational purposes. It runs as either an Applet or as an Application. It includes built-in source editor, query panels, online help, animation primitives, and a GUI debugger. There is also an API for the jlogic Prolog Engine making it easy to perform Prolog queries from within other programs.

Version 1.3.6 includes bug fixes and small refinements over the previous version 1.3.5.

For end users, JLog has:

  • Support for most standard Prolog predicates (with the exception of I/O support and exceptions),
  • Good performance for an interpreter,
  • Find, goto-line, syntax-error highlighting, and one-click consult source editor features,
  • A simple animation library, and a library of extras (BSF, Database, and FileSystem),
  • Online help and GUI debugging,
  • Support for automatic queries and examples running in a web-page.

For developers and embedded Prolog users JLog has:

  • A Prolog API with automatic object/term translation faculties,
  • Dynamic library loading,
  • Use of streams for input and output from the Prolog engine,
  • support for the Ant or Makefile build systems in addition to IDE development.

More information, including screenshots, an online demo applet, and release notes are available from:


Posted by Glendon Holst 2007-09-13