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jE6-B / News: Recent posts

v0.5 released

Runway Crosswinds module converted to a Java class.
Density Alt module converted to a Java class.
Improved algorithms (provided by Kevin Horton) implemented within True Airspeed module.

Posted by Ian Vincent 2007-12-12

v0.4 released

Jython implementation updated to v2.2.1 of Jython and now based on a interpreter function within a Java class (.py files no longer compiled).
First module (True Airspeed) converted to a Java class.
All degrees Farenheit and Celsius symbols changed to the unicode version.

Posted by Ian Vincent 2007-11-03

Version 0.3 Released

Version 0.3 of jE6-B has been released today. The main addition is the inclusion of a point to point distance and course calculator.

Posted by Ian Vincent 2006-07-27