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Very nice program, and streamlined. My problem is this... the program spends more time interpolating my brush strokes and doesn't keep up with my writing. This means that on some words like "of" it is still computing my previous word when I finish writing "of" and instead remembering what I wrote it just places a vertical bar to complete the top and bottom of the "f". As I noticed the problem, I began to write faster and had some long (10 letter) words that showed up as straight horizontal lines from where I started to where I finished. Is there a work around for me?

I use a Toshiba R25 with the Intel T2050 dual-core and plenty of RAM. My writing is clear enough before the brush smoothing that I could function without it if it were as simple as switching it off.

Once again, beautiful program,


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    Hi. Thanks for you input. Future versions of NoteLab will contain a way to use the user interface to specify if strokes should be smoothed or not. Also the next version of NoteLab has improvements for the speed to stroke smoothing.

    In the current version of NoteLab, however, if you start NoteLab with the argument '--smoothFactor 0' strokes will not be smoothed. (The number specifies how much strokes should be smoothed. A value of '0' specifies no smoothing should be done at all.)

    That is, in a terminal NoteLab can be run using the command 'sh /directory_where_NoteLab_was_installed/notelab.sh'. If you instead run the command 'sh /directory_where_NoteLab_was_installed/notelab.sh --smoothFactor 0' NoteLab will not smooth strokes.

    If you open the file notelab.sh in a text editor the last line in the file will be


    if you change this line to

    java $NOTELAB_VM_ARGS -DNOTELAB_SETTINGS_FILENAME=$INIT_FILE -cp $CUR_DIR:info noteLab.util.StartupUtilities $NOTELAB_ARGS --smoothFactor 0 $*

    NoteLab will always start with stroke smoothing disabled.

    The description above is for a Linux based system. If you instead are using Windows, modify the file 'notelab.bat' rather than 'notelab.sh'. Also if you have any questions about arguments that can be given to NoteLab, the command 'notelab.sh --help' will give a listing of all the arguments NoteLab accepts, their descriptions, and their options.

    I hope this helps and if you have any other questions or comments feel free to post them.

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