0.56 Beta 1 released

Use version 0.7.3 of the MDIUtilities library
Add a "JavaVersion" property allowing to require a minimum Java version for an extension
Add methods in the DFLoaderListener interface allowing to be informed of binary or XML parsing errors when loading Definition Files
Rename the Server ARINCElement and ARINCMapWidget classes to ServerElement and ServerMapWidget
Replace many creation of Number subclasses by using the valueOf method
Improve the GenericDialog class and allow to print in HTML the results of an error Panel
Fix rotation angles calculation in the case of a non conformal zoom factor for the Server
Manage consistency between the projection updates and the MapItem updates in the case of high throughput Map updating, when using the projection update cap configuration property
Use the 3.9 version of Apache POI
Fix the Cockpit Plugin generating an incorrect SuperLayer multi-application definition in certain complex cases
Use version 0.6.5 of the MDIFramework library
Fix the Editor, Server, or Client not seeing the plugins directory if there were some space characters in the plugins directory path
Add an API in the Editor allowing Plugins to customize how the widgets in the tree are rendered. For example it is possible to define that the nodes for widgets fulfilling certain properties are of a specific color, or use a specific icon
Add an API in the Editor to allow Plugins to add custom components as additional panels alongside the widget tree (for example it allow Plugin developers to present a restricted list of widgets and navigate in this list rather than the whole widget tree)
Update ScaledTranslation extension to version 1.4 Beta 1 to take into account the last changed in the core API

Posted by Hervé Girod 2013-02-16