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Version compiled with GCC 4.0

This version is the same as 0.5 before, but this time it was compiled with GCC 4.0 in XCode 2.1. So, it should be faster than before. Have fun while I work on new features.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2005-08-17

iSequoi 0.5 released

- smaller performance improvements
- names of files are drawn directly into the rectangles. This way, the biggest files show their filename directly, which is one of the more interesting informations.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2005-04-25

Development has restarted

The new semester has started and with it my diploma-work. So the development of iSequoi will continue from now on, because there next tests are far away (for now).
The next version (likely 0.4) will be released around the 22nd April with a new feature.
By the way: If there are any feature requests, whishes for layout-changes or a better icon suggestions, I'd be glad to hear about any response from any of you.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2005-04-18

iSequoi 0.4 released


- HUGE performance improvements due to an improved drawing algorithm. The progressbar is still not perfect, but there will come a much more mutlithreaded version of iseqoi. Look forward, people with more than one processor.
- iSequoi finally has an icon. It is far from perfect and every alternative proposal will be appreciated.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2005-01-23

iSequoi 0.3 released

0.3 - an improved drawing algorithm, which shows more exactly where each file is plus a faster drawing of the rectangles
- the progress indicator works in a usable way

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2005-01-11

iSequoi 0.2.2 released

0.2.2 - Finally you can delete files that you no more want to wast space on your hdd. You can delete them with the delete button after a selection, which is shown beneath the progress indicator. The other way is to use your right mouse button or to CTRL-Click a Rectangle, to get a contextual menu in which you can choose the delete option.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2004-12-20

iSequoi 0.2.1 released

0.2.1 - it now has the very useful feature to show the Path, Name and SIze of the File under the mouse pointer in a tool-tip.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2004-12-06

iSequoi 0.2 released

0.2 - a complete Re-Design of the application was necessary. The result will give us easier expandibility and higher stability. There are no GUI Changes, but you will have a much higher performance when resizing the window (especially with the plus blob button), because of changes in caching the data model.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2004-11-29

Version 0.1.5 released

iSequoi now uses colors to differentiate between documents (doc, txt, rtf, cwk, pdf), archives (zip, sit, sitx) and media files (mp3, aif, wav, m4a, m4p). The list will get more complete as time goes by and by feature requests. I probably will add the possibility to add file types by user

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2004-11-15

iSequoi 0.1 released

Finally a version which shows the sizes with rectangels. More to come.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2004-11-02

iSequoi 0.1 released

Finally a version which shows the sizes with rectangels. More to come.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2004-11-02

Version 0.0 released

Today version 0.0 was released. It is basically a running directory enumerator, just for bringing out something runnable. As eXtreme Programming expects, there will be weekly releases as the System evolves.

Posted by Dominik Freyer 2004-10-11