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2008-01-04 0.5.0 Release

Added 'No GUI' versions of executables and plugins
Added log-to-file capability
Various fixes

Posted by jfath 2008-01-04

2007-09-01 0.4.0 Release

Added new plugin for ACT TI103-RS232 X10 interface.
Windows binaries are now built with MinGW gcc 4.2.1.
Bug fixes and small enhancements.

Posted by jfath 2007-08-31

2007-05-05 0.3.0 Release

IOX v0.3.0 is mainly a bug fix release. Binaries are now linked against wxWidgets 2.8.3 so no wxAUI shared library is needed.
The Linux binaries are built using GCC 4.1 on Debian 4.0 and tested under Ubuntu 7.04.

Posted by jfath 2007-05-04

2006-09-09 0.2.0 Release

The 0.2.0 release bundles all plugins into the main package, adds some new features, and fixes bugs.

Binary releases are now installer packages built with InstallJammer.

Posted by jfath 2006-09-09

2006-08-05 Lua Scripting Plugin

ScriptLuaCore is a plugin used to execute Lua scripts within the context of the core IOX Lua state.

Posted by jfath 2006-08-05

2006-08-01 CM11a Plugin

The IOX CM11a plugin is used to send and receive X10 commands using a CM11a powerline interface.

Posted by jfath 2006-08-01

2006-07-25 TCPComm plugin

IOX TCPComm is an input/output plugin that reads or writes arbitrary data to a TCP/IP socket.
Typically, the plugin will be used to send events across a network to another instance of IOX running on a separate machine, however it can also be used to receive events generated by another process on the same machine or to send data to another application that can be controlled by sending text to a listening TCP/IP port.

Posted by jfath 2006-07-26

2006-07-22 Web Server Plugin

The Web server plugin can be used to trigger IOX events remotely from any Web browser. Just download the Windows or Linux version and un-archive into the IOX root installation directory. See WebServer_readme.txt for installation and usage notes.

Posted by jfath 2006-07-23

2006-07-16 v0.1.0 Release

The initial release of IOX has been uploaded to SourceForge. See the readme.txt file for important installation information.

Documentation can be found in the docs directory of the binary packages. Documentation is also available on the homepage.

Posted by jfath 2006-07-16

2006-06-10 Coming Soon

The first release will be posted soon.

Until then, have a look at the Docs and feel free to post or email comments.

Posted by jfath 2006-06-10