Bernd H Stramm

InterFace is a social network chat and messenger Addon for the open source web Browser http://dooble.sf.net based on lib-rs. The Messenger includes a Chess Game, Email Client and Groupchat. It is an open source Social Network.

Play Chess Online with and against your Friends in this Messenger. Many Chess Clubs use it for Online Communication and Chess with Friends.

Students use it for the group chat function with friends from the campus.

The Email Solution offers spam free emails as only defined (whitelisted) friends are allowed to post into the mailbox.

InterFace is the communication suite as well including a Forum Function like a Bulletin Board.

InterFace is based on Qt and c++ and can easily be used as a Plugin-Tab in any Qt Frame Host or other Qt App. It is based and a clone of Lib RetroShare Messenger. Currently this Friendslist is used in the Qt Browser Dooble as a Tab. See http://dooble.sf.net for more.

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Start a Chess Session: click on the Connection,not on Friend
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InterFace Messenger & OpenSource Social Network:Add a Friend
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InterFace.sf.net - The Chess Network: Play Chess Online
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InterFace.sf.net : Friendslist of the Messenger

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