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#306 Recursive links hangs installjammer


If there are any recursive links in a directory that is imported into installjammer it will make the application to hang consuming 100% CPU


  • Damon Courtney
    Damon Courtney

    Why do you have recursive links in your directories? 0-] I would probably expect an infinite recursion in this case, yes. I will see if I can fix it. I guess checking to see if we've already traversed a directory before processing it would be a way to fix this.

  • kipi

    I create a link in each code top directory to every external code that it uses (libraries etc). Then I refer to <topdir>/<external code> in my makefiles and in the code itself for accessing files in the external codes. This is a way of getting rid of hard coded paths and make it possible to relocate the codes(s) by just moving them somewhere else. Some of the codes have links to themselves causing this problem. I will try to get rid of those in the long run, but currently they are needed. I must say this is not the first application that have a problem with these links.

    What about adding a follow/no follow option for links? A no follow option is usually the default value in any Unix commands (find, cpio etc) so this seems more natural.

    I have by the way moved this bug to the installjammer tracker.