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#21 allWorkspaces does not work for pre-exisiting windows

Andriy Gapon

I've noticed a regression of 1.2.28 with comparison to
1.2.27: some options do not work on windows created
before icewm start.

E.g. I have xconsole started from xdm start script, in
winoptions I have the following:

xconsole.tray: Exclusive
xconsole.noFocusOnAppRaise: 1
xconsole.dClose: 0
xconsole.fClose: 0
xconsole.dMaximize: 0
xconsole.fMaximize: 0
xconsole.fHide: 0
xconsole.fRollup: 0
xconsole.ignoreQuickSwitch: 1
xconsole.icon: console
xconsole.allWorkspaces: 1

After I login through xdm and icewm is started from
.xsession xconsole window persists and all the
properties but allWorkspaces are applied to it.

Another example. I start wmmixer program from .xsession
before icewm is started, I have the following winoptions:
WMMixer.dBorder: 1
WMMixer.dTitleBar: 0
WMMixer.layer: OnTop
WMMixer.icon: sndvol
WMMixer.tray: Exclusive
WMMixer.allWorkspaces: 1
WMMixer.startMinimized: 1
WMMixer.ignoreQuickSwitch: 1

Again, allWorkspaces is not applied and unlike 1.2.27
wmmixer window is not minimized after icewm startup.

Not sure if this is important, but in both cases I have
"tray: Exclusive".


  • Marko Macek
    Marko Macek

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    Marko Macek

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    Marko Macek

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  • Marko Macek
    Marko Macek

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    many of winoptions setting only work for new windows,
    including allWorkspaces.

    You should ensure that your app is run after wm is guaranteed
    to be running (currently this means using a delay)

  • Andriy Gapon
    Andriy Gapon

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    I understand the advice, but I still would like to point out that this used to work. Also, the allWorkspaces attribute survives across IceWM restart.
    On the other hand, I am not sure what is a general trend in window managers towards "pre-existing windows".
    But I'd say that it was a nice feature, because starting certain apps from .xinit before WM is a convenient and WM-portable way of making sure that those apps run.