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words with apostrophe (')

  • I can't get Hunspell to properly spell any word that has an apostrophe like "isn't" or "doesn't" … it keeps reporting them as errors and suggesting "sin"  as a replacement for "isn't".

    $ echo "isn't" | hunspell
    Hunspell 1.2.9
    & isn 9 0: sin, ins, ism, is, in, inn, ion, isl, is n

    Does anyone know what is going on ?

    Paulo Ney de Souza

  • Ruud Baars
    Ruud Baars

    I don't know from which application you are using Hunspell. It might be:
    - OpenOffice.org auto-replacing the straight quote by the apostroph ’
    - it might be Firefoxx not accepting the ' as part of a word, thus not passing it to Hunspell.

    Both are known issues for these applications.