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HTML Parser Integration Release 1.5-20050213 available

This long overdue integration build adds two main enhancements: ConnectionManager and FilterBuilder.

The ConnectionManager is part of the org.htmlparser.http package which handles proxies, passwords and cookies. This addition fulfills three Request for Enhancements:
1017249 HTML Client Doesn't Support Cookies but will follow redirect
1010586 Add support for password protected URL
1000739 Add support for proxy scenario

The FilterBuilder is a GUI application to assist programmers in constructing filters. Filters are a great tool for dealing with the "I just need this little piece of information from this web page" use-case. The FilterBuilder creates Java source code for inclusion in other programs and allows interactive testing and refining of filters. This addition also also adds a new filter javabean and fulfills Request for Enhancement:
1000063 FilterBean

Unfortunately, there were only two bug fixes this release:

1005409 Input file not free by parser.
998195 SiteCatpurer just crashed

...they seem to be piling up faster than they can be resolved.

Posted by Derrick Oswald 2005-02-14