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#55 make htdig reference img longdesc file

htdig (31)
Thorson LIttle

I am making a site where I will be displaying jpegs of
scanned text documents that I plan on using longdesc to
point to an ocr-ed version of the text. I only want
these text files to display (within pre tags) if the
image is unavailible for some reason. However, I do
want it to be used to generate the index..

If the fix is fairly ez (a few lines of code), but you
don't have the cycles, i could make the fix myself and
check it in.

What do you think?

Thorson Little


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    Unfortunately the fix is a bit complicated. In the 3.1.x
    code, it's essentially impossible since you need a
    "Document" to retrieve HTTP information--yet you'd like to
    grab the remote document and index it inline.

    The 3.2 code has the htnet code, which allow grabbing files
    from any part of the ht://Dig code, but you'd still need to
    parse the remote file, etc.

    It's on the TODO list already, but I don't know that it'll
    happen soon unless we can get someone to work on it. I'd
    guess it'll be on the order of 100 lines of code.