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htdig (103)
Rusty Nejdl

I found that after upgrading to htdig-3.2.0.b5 on
FreeBSD-5.2, I was unable to have it run. I'm not sure
if this is something specific to my system or not, but
I found in a posting in 2002 that commenting out this
line in htdig.conf solved my problem:

#Only index local docs
#local_urls_only: true


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    This is a packagining issue over which we have no control.
    The ht://Dig software isn't distributed with this option
    turned on in its installed htdig.conf file. Some
    distributions like Mandrake and FreeBSD choose to turn it on
    in the config files they package, for reasons which escape
    me. Please take it up with the packager(s).

  • Rusty Nejdl
    Rusty Nejdl

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    Well, actually, this was a configuration that I had created
    and been running for some time and not the one that came
    with FreeBSD. This configuration worked fine until my
    latest upgrade of htdig. I figureed that I would document
    this for others to see, and let you know that I had run into
    it. I'm fine with this issue being closed.

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    Ah, OK. There is a difference in the way local_urls_only was
    implemented in 3.2 vs 3.1.6, which would account for the change
    in behaviour you noted. It has been discussed previously, and we
    never did resolve which of the two approaches was the one we
    should stick with. I've reopened this bug report, pending resolution
    of this discrepancy.

    The difference is that in 3.2, local_urls_only is applied globally, so
    that only URLs that match local_urls or local_user_urls AND that
    can actually be accessed locally, are actually fetched. In 3.1.6, the
    local_urls_only attribute applies only to URLs that match local_urls
    or local_user_urls, so those that don't will be fetched via HTTP.

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