Compilation Errors in Hermes4

  • ydolf

    I wanted to build the latest Hermes - which I assume is located in the Hermes4 CVS module, since the others Hermes1-3 are fairly old.

    I receive a number of compilation errors and a few deprecation warning messages. The compilation errors mostly have to do with a class that neither exists in Hermes4 nor in Hermes 1.8.

    Would just like to kindly ask the person(s) who feel that they know anything about it to update the CVS repository if possible..

    Below is an edited version of the compilation listing. All redundant errors and warnings have been removed:

        [javac] Compiling 374 source files to C:\hermes\Hermes4\build\classes
        [javac] C:\hermes\Hermes4\src\java\hermes\browser\components\ cannot resolve symbol
        [javac] symbol  : class EditDestinationPropertiesTask
        [javac] location: package tasks
        [javac] import hermes.browser.tasks.EditDestinationPropertiesTask;
        [javac]                             ^
        [javac] C:\hermes\Hermes4\src\java\hermes\browser\model\ hermes.browser.model.QueueWatchTableModel should be declared abstract; it does not define hasChild(int) in hermes.browser.model.QueueWatchTableModel
        [javac] public class QueueWatchTableModel extends DefaultTableModel implements HierarchicalTableModel, PropertyChangeListener
        [javac]        ^
        [javac] C:\hermes\Hermes4\src\java\hermes\browser\model\ hermes.browser.model.MessageHeaderTableModel should be declared abstract; it does not define hasChild(int) in hermes.browser.model.MessageHeaderTableModel
        [javac] public class MessageHeaderTableModel extends DefaultTableModel implements HierarchicalTableModel
        [javac] C:\hermes\Hermes4\src\java\hermes\browser\model\ hermes.browser.model.ClasspathGroupTableModel should be declared abstract; it does not define hasChild(int) in hermes.browser.model.ClasspathGroupTableModel
        [javac] public class ClasspathGroupTableModel extends AbstractTableModel implements HierarchicalTableModel

    Kind Regards


    • ydolf

      These problems were resolved by checking out revision HERMES_1_8 and moving down from jite 1.7 to 1.6.