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#31 Alternative to current rent system


The rent system as it is, I believe, was designed as a
way to force people to choose what they needed and
what they could afford. In all actuality it forces the
people who have the time to spend it monotonously gold
running, and those who don't get stuck with the actual
compromise. Over the years I have heard a constant
complaint about rent although its voice has been small.
I believe both parties still have fun, but I think I have an
idea for a basis of a system that will maximize thier fun
even more.

Rather than charging people 10500 coins a day for a
sword, tell them that they have a budget of x-10500
coins a day. x would be figured by a formula weighing
the characters level, age, playing time, charisma, legend
status, experience, leadership experience and anything
else in the game that can fluctuate from person to
person making everyone's budget different. the budget
should not max out until long after a character would be
deemed unusable i.e. venerable. This would still allow
the people who play more to have more equipment
because thier characters would probably be older and
have more experience and legend status and so on. But
noone would have to gold run for an hour every day just
to pay rent. The budget could be figured to provide the
same purpose as rent w/out the gold running hassle.

There are many details that would need to be worked
out with this system. For instance so characters
wouldn't just haste to increase thier budget, the formula
would have to be adjusted so that age didn't play a
large part until after characters started losing hps. I
think that with a little discussion group a base formula
considering all possible "cheats" could be figured out and
adjusted rather reasonably.