#1 Wont compile RH8

Fuzzy The Bear

Hi :)

Well baldly going where no man had gone before i got
the latest pack and tried to compile on my RH 8 box.
All packs are std and this is where im running into a wall..

It seems that i need gtkmm 2 and a bunch new packs
but gtkmm2 wont compile unless i get a lot more packs .. in fact it's dependency hell...

On what did you compile GSpeakers ?
Is a list of "packs required" with links available
(RPM's for RH) ...

Id like to try it and check the app out but i beleive
ill need help to get up and running ..

Richard Hebert
Sight&Sound Jacksonville FL

PS id like to beta test and torture this app and the resulting drawings .Im a system designer and
i have a few little projects ( line array and mon boxes ) in mind. :))


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    I'm very sorry that I have not replied to this earlier.
    Actually I have not looked at the sourceforge page very
    much...:-( If you had sent me an e-mail you would have got a
    reply within hours.

    To answer your question: all libraries needed by GSpeakers
    compiles out of the box on RH8. Actually I use RH8 as my
    main development platform.

    Sure GSpeakers need a lot of libraries but I think the
    reason for that is pretty well explained on the Galeon

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