#15 WishList: 2 suggestions

Scott Jacobs

1: GPRename remembers the last directory, but on my system, one has to scroll the side-pane quite a ways to to point where the highlighed directory is visible.
==> position the contents of the sidepane so that the highlighted directory is centered (or at a minimum, visible in the side-pane).

2: For Numerical renames, allow the user to set the number of digits within which the number is zero-filled.
For my photos, I like to have a prefix (indicating the camera), and then a 4-digit number, zero-filled.
ex: for a new camera, I would not have taken 1000 or more pictures yet, but if I use GPRename to rename 75 pictures, I only get 2 digits of numbers, with zero-fill if number is < 10. For 175 pictures, I would get only 3 digits, with two zero-filled digits if number is <10, and 1 zero-filled digit if number is <100.
Whereas, I would LIKE to have 0001-0075 for the first case, and 0001-0175 for the second.

Thank you for reading my suggestions.



  • Zurd

    1. The position of the bar between the tree of folders on the left and the Files at the right will be remembered when you close GPRename, so just put it where it's the most comfortable for you and leave it there.

    2. With multiple renames you can get what you want, there's enough options for you to do it!

  • Scott Jacobs
    Scott Jacobs

    1. When I leave GPRename, the scrollbar is about 1/2 way down the height of the bar (see one of the attached screenshots).
      When I run GPRename the next time, the bar is at the top (see other screenshot).
      I just did it three times: reposition the bar so that my highlighted directory name is centered in the field. Exit GPRename. Invoke GPRename. Bar is at the top, highlighted directory is not visible. Scroll until it is centered, exit...

    2. So far, I have had to add the extra zero fill digit[s] to the end of the Alphabetical prefix ("Insert before the numbers"), Note that I would have to do this three times if I were going from 1 to anything over 100, as I would have to do three zeros for 1-9, and two zeros for 10-99, and one zero for 100+.
      Plus, I would have to temporarily remove those numbers I was not working on at the time, or I would have too many zeros for some.... Not what I consider convenient...
      Can I jump through hoops to get what I need? Yes.
      Should I have to? Well, we seem to have a difference of opinion... Do other people think that being able to fix the size of the numerical field would be a good idea? Please add your opinion(s) below...

    3. New suggestion: Be able to strip the file extension before performing the actions.
      Why? I forgot to put in the ".jpeg" for some of my renames.
      Just doing ("Insert...and after...") ".jpeg" means that the ones that were not lacking ".jpeg" would now have ".jpeg.jpeg" after the file names. Can I remove them now? Yes. By counting over to see where the beginning and ending positions are, and then going to the "Insert/Delete" and doing the "Delete between... and ..." operation, and seeing if I got the positions right - then undoing it and trying again with different position numbers until I get it right...
      Again - not convenient...
      How many of you think a "strip extensions" would be a good idea?

  • Zurd

    1. My bad, I thought you were talking about another bar. I confirm that the scrollbar in the tree of folders is always at the top, it is not user-friendly.

    2. Yes you have to jump through hoops to get it done but you can still do it :)

    3. Strip extensions sounds fine.

    Working in GPRename is not that hard, no compilation to do, just open up /usr/local/bin/gprename in a text editor with root access, modify the code and run it to test. Make a patch of these features and I'll include them in the new version.

    GPRename isn't really being developed anymore. I will leave this bug open.