Goliath Technologies

This is the Goliath Adaptive Documentation Project.

Goliath-Adaptive is a fully functional WEB Application Engine / RAD Tool that include several functionalities:

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE),
  • Complete Framework with standarized DB Access libraries, Dynamic Forms creation
  • Several Plug-ins for importing and exporting data, email, data conversion, database management
  • Simplified Content Management System with WYSIWYG HTML/CSS editor
  • Javascript framework with easy AJAX support and common widgets
  • OLAP Cubes and Reports designers
  • Database and CVS/SVN tools for easy deployment and version control
  • WEB 2.0/HTML5/CSS3 READY supporting JQuery, ExtJs/Sencha, Dojo and many other Javascript frameworks.

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Source Code Editor
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File Manager
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OLAP report generator
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Menu Editor
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