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#12 Fix for the Fedora package

Sergio Pascual

Hi, I've packaged gnuplot.py as a rpm and submitted it for its inclusion in Fedora.
The fedora packaging system complains because the python module files include the shebang and the files aren't executable. As the module files are not intended to be executed, I understand that removing the shebang does no harm, and clarifies that the files are not intended to be executed but loaded as modules.

Affected files: demo.py utils.py init.py test.py funcutils.py


  • The file "demo.py" is a demo of the functionality of Gnuplot.py. "test.py" is the Gnuplot.py test suite. Neither file is part of the library itself (i.e., they don't need to be installed to the python library directory), but both are meant to be executed during the development process. Accordingly, they both have shebang lines and both have the svn:executable properties set in the SVN repository.

    util.py, init.py, and funcutils.py cannot meaningfully be executed, and therefore I have removed the shebang lines from these files and removed the executable bit from init.py in trunk r310.

    Thanks for the bug report! I believe that this change fixes the issue, so I will mark the issue FIXED. If you disagree, feel free to reopen the issue.

  • Sergio Pascual
    Sergio Pascual

    Thanks for the quick response.

    demo.py and test.py are installed with
    $ python setup.py install
    but I suppose that they shouldn't I they are used as developer's tools.

  • test.py is indeed a developer tool.

    demo.py is actually more of a documentation artifact than a developer tool. It is one of the best ways that people can learn how to use Gnuplot.py.

    If that has ramifications for how it should be treated, please let me know.