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gnuBot Project Active

After returning from my vacation, I'm ready to start organizing all my ideas for the rewrite and write some code.

Check out the development mailing list for the latest news. More significant news will, as always, be noted here.

Posted by Zoot 2000-07-23

gnuBot Project on Hold

I am very sorry for the lack of progress or even information recently, but I have been busy with other things. At the same time, I've realized that while flexible, the current design isn't flexible enough.

Sadly, the project is on temporary hold, as I'll be on vacation for a month starting tomorrow. This in no way means the gnuBot project is dead, it is far from dead. I have every intention of making this one of the best IRC bots you can get. I have already sketched out a rough design, and will be creating a new development branch when I return.... read more

Posted by Zoot 2000-06-26

gnuBot Beta 1b released

gnuBot Beta 1b is now available for download at

gnuBot is an IRC bot written in Perl, designed to be flexible and easy to use. For more information, take a look at the gnuBot web site at

Posted by Zoot 2000-04-03