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Git Extensions: 2.46 released

Git Extensions 2.46 is packed with Git 1.8.3. The latest version can be downloaded from

Version 2.46
  • Fixed issue 1387: Shell extensions not work under Windows XP
Version 2.45
  • Setup files moved to sourceforge
  • Putty updated to version 0.62.9768.0 (80% faster for me when cloning repository from GitHub)
  • FormCheckoutBranch behavior fixed again when called from commit dialog
  • Fixed navigation in the blame committer list when double clicking
  • Fixed FormFileHistory selection current revision
  • Fixed issue 1585: IsBinaryAccordingToGitAttribute() rewrited using "git check-attr"
  • Fixed issue 1590: "Show current branch only" fixed
  • Fixed issue 1622: "Show Changes" from Blame window crash fixed
  • Fixed issue 1631: Font size reading from settings fixed
  • Fixed issue 1687: GetSuperprojectCurrentCheckout() now called asynchronously
  • Fixed issue 1727: CreatePullRequestForm crash fixed
  • Updated msysgit to build of version 1.8.3
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated German translation
Posted by Dragon 2013-06-28