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plan to add new main window

  • Daniel Kionka
    Daniel Kionka

    GDBI seems "trapped" by the BKEdit window.  The plan was always to provide various editors and reports systems.  We need a main window above the BKEdit window that can run other subsystems.  Even the real Brother's Keeper has a main window that opens the edit window.

    I saw this problem when I integrated Taurus FamilyTree.  The immediate need was for an Ancestor window, but it is much more than that, and deserves to be directly accessable.  In addition John is working on porting his new PGV reports, and some day I want to add a merge utility.

    One approach would be to have a window that owns an open database, and that window can launch various subsystems with that database.  When you close a database it would close all the windows/subsystems using that database.

    Another approach is what GenJ does.  It has a main window with a list of all currently open gedcoms with a row of buttons above it that runs the various views.  I wonder how many people keep multiple gedcoms open, though.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    I am not going to do anything on this right away.  I am slowing down on GDBI development for a while because I am consulting part time in addition to my regular job.

    • John Finlay
      John Finlay

      I thought that the Brother's Keeper interface was confusing as it wasn't obvious what I was supposed to do when it first came up.

      When I finish the PGV reports, we should be able to integrate them into the menu system of any editing interface.  But it might be nice to start directly with a report interface too.

      But over all I think that idea is good, especially since GDBI is about integrating different databases and interfaces.