user entered constants

  • ken

    I have three permanent constants in this catagory.
    "pi", "n", and "e".
    pi= 3.1415926535898
    n= 1
    e= 2.71828182846
    They don't get deleted like all the other user entered constants when I exit graphcalc.
    I like this feature for "pi".
    Where are these values stored and can I modify
    this list of "permanent" user entered constants?

    • Laurent N
      Laurent N

      I don't know where these constants are stored, but if you want to modify them, the easiest way is perhaps to write a little script, to redefine the needed variables.
      This script could be executed automatically after the start of the program (see under Options -> Program Options -> Startup Script -> Enable and enter your script name)
      In the script file you enter all the things you needed. My file contains:

      c=(Physics|c (m/s))
      q=(Physics|electron charge (C))
      u=(Physics|atomic mas unit)
      h=(Physics|Planck constant |-|h (J s))

      I hope, I could help you with this.

    • ken

      thanks Laurent.

      That works fine. I'm still curious about the location
      of the pi, e, and n, constants listed as user entered. They seem to be permanent.