Strange problem when I play a song

  • Sinani201

    Every time I play a song, I see all the notes, and the screen says, "Get Ready to Rock." However, the screen just gets stuck on that, then crashes. I run Windows Vista. Does anyone know why this is happening?

    • Aldo Bleeker
      Aldo Bleeker

      I have the same problem, but I'm running XP.

      It starts just fine, and I can select Play Game, press Enter to choose the song, in this case Bang, Bang, Mystery Man, and select difficulty Easy. I see the game screen, showing the text Get Ready To Rock, and then a window pops up stating an error has occurred, and telling me to check the error log. Selecting another song doesn't seem to help. However, it doesn't always crash, sometimes there's a slight pause of a second or two, and then it starts normally. In both cases FoF uses the CPU 100%, and uses more than 600 MB memory. That seems a bit excessive, but shouldn't crash this computer, because it has 2 GB memory.

      This computer has a Intel Core 2 Duo 8200 at 2.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 Pro with the latest Catalyst 8.11, and a NEC 19" LCD running at 1280x1024. I've set FoF to use only the first core, but it still crashes. The desktop was set to 32-bits. I had also deleted fretsonfire.log and fretsonfire.ini, let the game create new ones, and didn't change any of the settings.

      The content of fretsonfire.exe.log:

      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 85, in <module>
      File "GameEngine.pyo", line 374, in run
      File "data/PyOpenGL-3.0.0a5-py2.5.egg\OpenGL\", line 92, in __str__
      self.shortRepr( value ),
      File "data/PyOpenGL-3.0.0a5-py2.5.egg\OpenGL\", line 123, in shortRepr
      if isinstance( value, (list,tuple) ) and value and len(repr(value))>=40:

      On my own computer it doesn't crash, but on the very same point the other computer crashes, when FoF starts to count down from 5, it slows down tremendously on this one. Instead of the countdown taking 5 seconds, it takes 2.5 minutes, every tick taking 30 seconds! The same thing happens after playing a song, when it displays the score and the stars. This also literally takes minutes. Apart from the slowdown, FoF uses 100% of the CPU, and about 700 MB RAM! Does anybody have any idea what's causing these problems?

      This computer has an AMD 3500+ CPU, a Radeon HD 2600 XT with Catalyst 8.11, 2 GB RAM, and a 17" TFT at 1280x1024. The desktop is set at 32-bits, no other programs where running, including screen savers and virus scanners, and FretsOnFire.ini was deleted so FoF created a new one. The exe.log wasn't created because FoF didn't crash, and the log didn't show anything unusual.

      • keith

        More info. I've tried both the latest 2 versions. 1.3.110 and the one before - both fail.

    • keith

      I have exactly the same problem and error log.
      I am sure it used to work - I have put in a new graphics card with the Catalyst drivers - not sure what else has changed on the PC.

      Any help would be great.