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Call for developers

FreeVSD has been dormant for a long time, but recent upgrades like UML (user mode linux) have made resuming work on it more and more attractive. I cannot devote my full time to working on it, but would like to leave an open invitation for anyone wishing to pickup/rewrite the interface.

My initial thoughts is that it should be approached from a very restrictive standpoint until stable, then work on features that compliment its basic functionality.... read more

Posted by Roger Ward 2004-04-05

FreeVSD Source Online

The FreeVSD source archives are now online. I updated one file I had missing, and downloaded an unofficial package of freevsd-1.4.10-1 from

Stop by if you need an old copy of the source - rpms, skels, and other miscellaneous files coming soon!

FreeVSD is a multiuser server jail, designed to separate users' services from the host system as well as other users' services. Idaya, the former developer of FreeVSD, is out of business and is no longer supporting or developing FreeVSD. Anyone interested in devloping or using FreeVSD please let me know.

Posted by Roger Ward 2003-03-12

FreeVSD migration to SF

Origionally I planned on only storing and distributing Debian packages for FreeVSD from this site, but now that Idaya is being liquidated, I am planning on moving CVS and ALL other publicly availiable files to the SF FTP/file release system.

If anyone would like to help with FTP/Web management, please let me know. Anyone with significant experience with FreeVSD please let me know - we can start building a good home for FreeVSD that will be around regardless of the domain name.... read more

Posted by Roger Ward 2003-01-28

Liquidation of Idaya

[editor: see for more information]

Hi all,
I just thought you'd like to be aware of the current situation regarding Idaya and the hosting of

Idaya went into receivership as of the 20th of January 2003 as a result of lack of funding. I don't know how long the server's will be up for although I've been led to believe that it's paid for up until March, but who knows.... read more

Posted by Roger Ward 2003-01-28