FreeNAS 0.686b2 released

Majors changes:
- Set correct sysid when formating disks with FAT32(0x0b) and EXT2(0x83).
- Enable user to set volume label when formating disk using EXT2.
- Refactor complete disk/RAID initialization/management/encryption PHP code && WebGUI.
- Refactor API for better maintenance and feature enhancement.
- Upgrade PHPMailer to 2.0.0 rc1.
- Upgrade PHP to 5.2.5.
- Upgrade netbsd-iscsi (iscsi-target) to 20071025.
- Add GNU General Public License (GPL), GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL),
Apple Public Source License and PHP License text (located in /usr/local/www).

Minors changes:
- 'dd' destination disks and partitions during install process.
- Modify filechooser. Now 'OK' and 'Cancel' buttons are on the top of the dialog for easier
navigation in huge file lists.

Bug fixs:
- Fix xml parser bug when switching language, e.g. English (ISO-8859-1) to Bulgarian (UTF-8).
- Fix bug in function get_mount_usage(). Now mount points containing whitespace characters are displayed on index.php.
- Fix mount bug. Mount disks using UFS without GPT successfully.
- Fix bug in config convertion function. Convertion does not stop at version 2.1 anymore. This fixes many bugs, e.g.
unreachable CIFS/Samba shares, ...
- Fix bug in disk management. After modifying a disk (e.g. change UDMA mode) configuration was corrupted.
- Enable usage of USB stick to store configuration in non LiveCD scenario.

Permanent restrictions:
- It is not possible to format a SoftRAID disk with MSDOS.

Posted by Volker 2007-11-18