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#811 lagg and -wol option

WebGUI (143)

Hi, i think there is a small bug with the aggregation parameters.

My system (short description):
2 NIC card 100Mb Dlink 530
Freenas 0.7.1 Shere (revision 5127)
Boot on live CD, configuration file stored on floppy
IP assigned by DHCP

NIC vr0 and vr1 are aggregated under Roundrobin protocol to give Lagg0
Lagg0 : Interface
vr0 : OPT1
vr1 : OPT2

I join a file with a sample of my config.xml file divided in two section : good config and bad config which generate the error.

If you save the lagg0 parameters from the WebGUI (LAN management in my case), "wakeon" tag is inserted in the configuration part of the lagg interface,

This tag generate an error during the initialization of the aggregate :
ifconfig: -wol: invalid argument
lagg0: no link
and of course, the lagg0 interface couldn't retrieve any IP address from the DHCP server.

To correct this error, you must edit manually the file stored on the floppy by deleting the tag "wakeon" in the configuration part of the lagg interface, and reboot for the modification take effect.

Each time you save some parameters for the lagg interface by the WebGUI, each time you must manually delete the "wakeon" tag for this interface.

Maybe adding code which verify a condition to avoid the insertion of "wakeon" tag in the config.xml file would correct this error ("aggregate exist ?" or something like that more selective which not trigger the deletion of the tag for other "not aggregated" NIC - just a suggestion).

Have a nice Day.


  • triskkele

    NIC cfg from my config.xml saved under MSWord