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#805 Changing protocol HTTPS to HTTP doesn't change the port

WebGUI (143)

This minor bug is easy to reproduce on FreeNAS v0.7.1 Shere (revision 5024) FreeBSD 7.2-release-p6 (revision 199506) :
Open your webgui on the right IP, egg
Go to System -> General
Under 'WebGUI', change the protocol from HTTP to HTTPS
It changes automatically from 80 to 443 and leaves the certificate by default.
Save and logout.

Re-open your webgui on
Go to System -> General
Under 'WebGUI', this time, re-change the protocol from HTTPS to HTTP
Save and logout.

We could expect to connect to our NAS on the previous IP :
It return that FreeNAS cannot be joined. Type and add the SSL port and it gives you the webgui.
In the next release, it would be interesting as the port automatically changes from 80 to 443 when moving from HTTP to HTTPS it also changes automatically from 443 to 80 when we go from HTTPS to HTTP.