#714 DAAP not working on 0.7 + lagg



It seems DAAP is not working on 0.7.
I've deleted the database file, and start over the procedure, I see in the log it scan well the files in my music directory in the log, I can see the name of DAAP server in iTunes, but can't access it and can't access to the daap webgui.

I see in the daap log :
2009-11-11 15:23:54 Firefly Version svn-1696: Starting with debuglevel 2
2009-11-11 15:23:54 Error loading plugin /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/plugins/libssc-ffmpeg.so: /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/plugins/libssc-ffmpeg.so: Undefined symbol "avcodec_decode_audio"
2009-11-11 15:23:54 Plugin loaded: rsp/svn-1696
2009-11-11 15:23:54 Plugin loaded: daap/svn-1696
2009-11-11 15:23:54 Starting signal handler
2009-11-11 15:23:54 Initializing database
2009-11-11 15:23:55 Query: vacuum
2009-11-11 15:23:55 Error: disk I/O error

Just before I tried to restart the service, when it was scanning the files, I see :
2009-11-11 15:19:38 Updating playlists
2009-11-11 15:19:39 Done processing playlist
2009-11-11 15:19:39 Updating playlists
2009-11-11 15:19:41 Scanned 63454 songs in 1683 seconds
2009-11-11 15:19:41 Starting web server from /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689
2009-11-11 15:19:41 Serving 63454 songs. Startup complete in 1683 seconds
2009-11-11 15:19:43 Got shutdown signal.
2009-11-11 15:19:43 Stopping gracefully
2009-11-11 15:19:43 Closing database
2009-11-11 15:19:43 Done!

So it seems webserver was started once (Starting web server from /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689) but I can't see this message now.

Also, I use lagg so may be the interface is launched on em0 instead of lagg0 ?
uPnP have a config to choose on which interface it will listen, but not daap.

Thanks for the help !


  • Thanks to selivem there is a solution for this available in the forum.
    The root case is a link of
    to folder

    The folder /ftmp is based on / per default, which is placed on /dev/md0 and usually rather full.

    see https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/freenas/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=2794 for more details. It helped with my embedded system as well.

    Nevertheless, i would like to have an "official" solution as well, to be able to remove the shell command.

    Maybe one can think about to link and map all tmp-folders ( /tmp, /var/tmp...) to a dedicated /dev/mdx device in the RAM.