#527 time set generates error

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Sparky Z

The following input errors were detected:

* Port 0 is already used by another service.

This morning I changed the password, and checked the log file. I saw a bunch of messages showing the services noticed the password change.

I noticed that the time stamps in my log file were incorrect. (I may have just misread them too!) I went to the System|General Setup screen and tried to set the timezone to America/Denver AND used the calendar widget to set the current time.

I also tried to use the NTP option without changing any other data on the page. (I reload the page and started over). The same error showed up.

The calendar widget seemed to work just fine. The data from the widget was like 03/07/2009 07:15. (This is actually a few minutes different than the first time I ran it.)

The above error was generated when I clicked the save button. I can reproduce the problem.

I have verified that the the System information screen shows the correct UTC time. (Currently: Sat Mar 7 14:35:14 UTC 2009) The uptime is 10:34.

I unmounted my nfs share from my client. Then I rebooted the FreeNAS server.

I can still reproduce the error.

Background info:
I used the reset to factory defaults option yesterday. After that I ONLY created the mount points and a NFS share. I didn't even change the password. Everything seemed to work great! (The nfs was nice and fast).

I had tried lot's of settings on the server before I reload. I wonder if there is a mismatch between various confuration files at this point.

WARNING - I changed the default configuration file before I reloaded last night. I changed the address from to

Here is the version of FreeNAS I'm running:
0.69 Kwisatz Haderach (revision 4276)
built on Sat Jan 17 00:39:14 UTC 2009

I have attached my CURRENT configuration.


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    Sparky Z

    File Added: SparkyZ 07 Mar 2009 config-freenas.local-20090307143259.xml

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    Sparky Z

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    I actually can't make any changes on the System General page, but I can't change the title of this bug submission.