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FreeImage with OpenGL

  • Rakesh


    I am new to free image. I am working on scientific application in which at a times I need to load a high resolution image into the application. I am using OpenGL as a grpahics displaying API. I need to know, whether I can do the following using FreeImage.

    1. Read file and store it in a temporary folder by creating some sort of streaming link.
    2. If the entire image is visible, rescale it to small resolution and display in opengl
    3. else only fetch the required part of the image from the temporary file and display in OpenGL.

    I need rescaling to improve the rendering speed. As the user zooms in, more details can be fetched from the temporary file and displayed. Is there any such facility in FreeImage or I have to manually do it? Any example or link to suitable example will be appreciated.


    Rakesh Patil

  • Short answer - NO. Look at VIPS or ImageMagic.
    Both support larger-then-RAM images. FreeImage does not.