#85 freedos 1.1-test3 kernel hangs on "InitDisk"

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Matija Nalis

I'm trying to boot freedos 1.1-test3 kernel from 3.5" floppy disk image.

Syslinux starts, but when I select "1 - Install FreeDOS 1.1",
it hangs just after printing " - InitDisk" with cursor blinking after that.

It happens with default 2040 kernel, as well as old 2039, 2038, 2036, 2035 and 2034 kernels - all with the same symptoms.
see for example pics:
http://bayimg.com/eakclaadn (2036)
http://bayimg.com/eAkcMAadN (2038)
http://bayimg.com/EaKCNAADN (2040)

However, much to my surprise, 2037 kernel starts without problems (although it does give warnings about HDD geometries)!

Also note that 2037 prints different copyright notice than all of the other kernels -- could it be it has different codebase?

I think it should always be able to boot from floppy, no matter in what state are hard disks (or if they even exist).


  • Test a stand-alone (separate) floppy image that doesn't include SysLinux as perhaps latest 4.x has bugs. Your machine should be able to load correctly (I would assume). More info (file systems, sizes, HD size, cpu, RAM, drivers loaded, etc.) would be helpful.

    http://sites.google.com/site/rugxulo/ (some older floppy images)

    P.S. I was not able to load bayimg.com for some reason.

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    Kenneth Davis

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