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DVDVideoSoft Ltd.

Free 3D Photo Maker.

Free 3D Photo Maker

Free 3D Photo Maker. Make 3D content yourself!

The program allows you to create 3D pictures using one source image as well as two source images.

In order to create a 3D image out of one picture, just check "Use single image" box. For creating 3D out of two images, take two shots of a still set object captured with a small horizontal shift (usually the distance must be about 2-3 inches to have the right scene).

In both cases the images are inserted into the program and next second a 3D image is created in the location which you define on your PC. Please note that in order to watch the output 3D picture it is necessary to use stereo anaglyph glasses.

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GdViewer object (part of the third-party paid library GdPicture) is used to display photos in the program window. The next step of the program development is to stop using this object and to replace the library by its analogue with open source code.