#8 Link Aliases for Allura Tools and Parts Thereof

Florian Haag

Currently, markdown sections in Allura allow in-site linking to artifacts. These include tickets and revisions.

It would be nice to have special aliases available for more SourceForge's services, such as a particular bug tracker (rather than a ticket therein). Of course, it is possible to link directly to the URL, but URLs might change at some point, while aliases could be left as they are.

Tools and artifacts that come to mind and may require linking from tickets or from within the wiki are:

  • ticket trackers
    • Create Ticket pages of ticket trackers
    • This can be used to point users to the right place to log a ticket, e.g. in the wiki.
  • discussion forums
  • the FRS
    • files/folders in the FRS
  • files/folders in the SCMs
    • as linking to revisions is already supported, linking to a file in a particular revision should only be a matter of recognizing the SCM link when a path is appended
    • linking to a file in the head revision may be beneficial, too, possibly by specifying a certain placeholder such as HEAD (may be SCM-dependent) instead of a revision number
    • if possible, each line could be equipped with an anchor (as it's done in Trac; like this linking to individual lines could be enabled
    • All of these links to repository contents are useful when pointing to classes or methods that should be used, or when pointing out where to look for example code.
  • Allura blogs
    • Allura blogposts
    • At the very least, this would be helpful for referring to earlier blogposts, e.g. when posting updates about some event.