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Backing up Your Data performs routine backups for all of our servers and will restore from these backups in the event of catastrophic server failure (e.g. in the event of equipment failure, datacenter loss, etc.). There is a cost associated with restores from our backup solution. Due to our backup methods, we are unable to do per-project data restores.

We encourage projects to make their own backups, to permit the project to restore data on their own as needed. In each of our service-related site docs we include a reminder to perform backups.

Data Backup Methods provides easy-to-use facilities to enable projects to backup all of their data.

Data type Backup method
Project Tool Data (tickets, wiki, discussion, blog, etc.) Project Data Export
SCMs (svn, git, hg) rsync
File Release System (FRS) File Management service
User home directory (including Developer web) File Management service
Project web File Management service
Project database mysqldump or phpMyAdmin
Mailing lists Mailing list archive backups (mbox files)


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