.igc format?

  • Yo Gautier...Is it possible to get FT to create a "G Record" when it downloads the tracks from a GPS? It would probably require some cooperation from the FAI but presently Mac users have no way to download a "secure and valid" igc track for competition scoring.

    --Chris Grantham

    • I had a look on the IGC website, and it seems that it would be difficult for FlightTrack to be approved as an IGC compliant software because:
      - I can't find a clear source of information on the requirements that would be set on FT to incorporate such validation of IGC file
      - I would be required to provide a MS DOS program to validate the IGC files produced by FT.
      - Considering the hard requriements the IGC puts on logger manufacturers to prevent users from "getting inside" their boxes, it would be stange that an open source program be capable of producing secured files.

      The easy thing I can do is provide the IGC file with verification records for the Flytec/IQ Compeao, because it is downloaded as such from the device.

  • Bummer. Mac users are up a creek without an app that'll do it.

  • Would be rather redundant in FT. The G Record must be done by the flight recorder or there is no point.

    The other half though is downloading from an approved logger (eg: a Volkslogger) and confirming that the log is valid - these are both possible in an open source program because you are only checking validity - not GENERATING valid files (if you could, the system would be broken).