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#11 Voice support

Some Future Release
Eric Peyton

Ability to send and receive voice messages


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    I think this feature is not easy to build... But an MSN (and
    AIM) voice chat support would make Fire the ultimate IM
    software in the world...

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    A very important feature. Too bad Yahoo does voice
    only on Windows. But this means an opportunity for
    Fire. Congratulation anyway for your cool job on Mac
    OS X.

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    Wish lists never go short of topics, and this is one I'd love to "talk" about all day long :)

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    thanks for mac users fire exists! voice support, video
    chat and file transfer and i stay on my mac all day long!

    a french fire fan

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    Really would like voice support in MSN (and others)

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    Voice support the most useable feature in instant messengers for me...
    Come on Fire be the first... (when is this likely to happen?)

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    as yet there is no app for mac os x that does voice chat (or have I just
    not found it?) this would really be a vital feature to include.

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    I seem to remember reading that voice chat requires private libraries, not available to non-official clients. So unless Fire wants to hack the protocols, voice is out of the question. If it did hack the protocols, a new version of fire would have to be released almost daily as it is banned from the services.

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    Somewhere, you'd think that there would be a chat program for macs
    that would allow mac/pc users to adequately voice chat between each
    other and between different applications such as yahoo, msn, etc ... i
    have only just been introduced to this product and i can see already
    that it can be the King of Kings ... all it needs, is voice chat. With so
    many people having loved ones overseas, wanting to keep in touch,
    voice chat would be a definate plus

  • Alan Humpherys
    Alan Humpherys

    • milestone: --> Some Future Release
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    PC apps use an old codec that has NEVER been available for
    Mac, I guess it was called "True Speech"...
    The smart idea'd be to use a QuickTime codec to add voice chat,
    maybe sending a wav that any PC can read.

  • jesse reynolds
    jesse reynolds

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    Since the other comments below, Apple have released the public
    beta of iChat AV, which does live voice and video, or just voice,
    depending on what equipment you have and which you choose to
    use. It works really well! It would be great if Fire also supported
    the audio/video codecs that Apple are using in iChat (of which I
    have no idea what protocols and codecs they're actually using). I
    know that it goes direct from peer to peer, but they use the AIM
    servers to find each other. So, peer to peer communication in Fire
    would need to be implemented.

    If this was done someone is bound to port the Fire AV code to
    other OS's including Linux and Windows, so we can all video
    conference with each other :-)



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    ichat av comes with support on H.263 video codec, QT QCELP
    audio codec, and SIP for control signaling.

  • John Woo
    John Woo

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    The common believe about no voice messages via AIM and MAC/
    PC is NOT TRUE.
    Maybe it is true on OSX, but during the days of 8.x/9.x it was
    possible to have voice connections via PC/MAC.
    I should know. It's where my sleep went :)

    Maybe somebody who knows stuff reads this... but maybe it ain't
    important no more, because of the iChat AV version...!?

    Just wanted to share my wisdom. sorry....