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#2925 tetex-base-texlive

John Ridgway

This package is intended as a temporary migration assistant during a process of migrating from teTeX to TeX Live. It depends on texlive and provides tetex-base. I intend to add any additional necessary packages to its Depends list. There currently are none.

Tree: 10.3, 10.4, or 10.5
Section: text

built successfully with fink -m --build-as-nobody rebuild

$ fink -v validate main/finkinfo/text/tetex-base-texlive.info
Validating package file main/finkinfo/text/tetex-base-texlive.info...
Package looks good!
$ fink -v validate ../../debs/tetex-base-texlive_1-1_darwin-i386.deb
Validating .deb file ../../debs/tetex-base-texlive_1-1_darwin-i386.deb...
Package looks good!


  • John Ridgway
    John Ridgway

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    Originator: NO

    please explain what the pkg does !
    There is a serious policy here, in that fink
    doesn't doesn't install binaries, but builds
    them (with very few exceptions, where it
    is obviously impossible to get a hand on
    any form of source ..).

    I have additional motivation in this case,
    that I think a build from source should
    anyway precede this, if ever this had to come
    about... _ and am ready to help with a build
    from source.

    PS: the "source" directory in texlive is, in .7z form,
    < 20M.
    And it seems available as a separate download at
    several different sites..

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    Originator: NO

    forgot to add that I'm sure the
    tetex maintainer would also be
    willing to give a helping hand
    in case of a crunch ; the 2 srcs
    are extremely similar !

    So much that this pkg, as src,
    should probably just be
    viewed as an update on tetex.


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    Originator: NO

    Sorry _ looking at the info file, the pkg doesn't do at all what I thought..
    (thought it would be installing the binaries from some tex-live distribution..)

    It is a genuine "system-" pkg
    But then the pkg has to test whether all the functionality provided
    by tetex-base is still there !
    And it doesn't test anything _ anybody can install it, with no tex-installation
    whatsoever, and cheat fink completely !


  • John Ridgway
    John Ridgway

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES

    Not so. This package requires that texlive be provided, which is currently only done by system-texlive; and system-texlive verifies that texlive is indeed installed. A careful examination of TeX Live and teTeX verifies that TeX Live provides all of the functionality of teTeX, except for a few items which are very nicely separated out in the teTeX packages (e.g., JadeTeX). If it turns out that there are things that teTeX does provide that TeX Live does not then those things will be added to this package, and to tetex-texmf-texlive.

    (system-texlive, tetex-base-texlive, and tetex-texmf-texlive should be considered together.)
    - John

    • milestone: 373615 --> Awaiting_fink-core_decision
    • assigned_to: nobody --> dmrrsn
  • Andreas Gockel
    Andreas Gockel

    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Andreas Gockel
    Andreas Gockel

    The Fink Core Team decided to reject this item, cause we're not interested in interfacing with somebody else's packaging of it.