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#322 no headlines in treeview


I am satisfied with feedreader (I have used it for half of
year), but it is impossible to use it, now. My version is
2.90. I preffered treeview, but suddenly, I have no
headlines view - I have only the tree and detail view.
What to do with? Thanks for help.

Jan Renc

P.S. Aquarium view is not working, too.


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    I just encountered the same problem. In my case, the tree
    and the headlines both disappeared. I found a windows
    adjustment for the tree. The tree window was adjusted to
    zero width. It appears the same thing happened to the
    headline window, but I cannot find a window size adjustment
    that works for that window. Is there some way to reset all
    windows to default size? I have tried uninstalling Feedreader
    and re-installing it, but all settings are retained include all of
    my subscriptions.

    Greg Martin

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    hey, had teh same problem,
    it occured when going in/out of aquarium view under heavy
    anyway; to fix it find your Feedreader.ini file (mine was in
    docs n settings/user/app data/feedreader/)
    open in notepad or whatever and change the first value (vert)
    to something bigger then 0. close up feedreader if running
    and save the ini file manually. then open feedreader again
    and u'll be able to move the bars again as u please.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Updating the vert param
    fixed it. I first tried 20, which did not work, but 200 did. Also,
    it is a hidden file if you are searching for it.

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    Me too. Same bug/problem