#1850 SI: Walking against walls prevents finding secret doors

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This is for \'The Serpent Isle\' with \'The Silver Seed and \'Serpent Isle Fixes\'
I\'m running the latest SVN (1.5.0, dated 2013-04-12), with latest SI fixes mod installed.

It looks like wall collision or movement is not quite as \'responsive\' as expected.
For instance, in the Knight\'s Test in SI, it took me many hours trying to find the way through the section with the exploding chests, as I couldn\'t find the secret door. In the original DOS game, I remember all you had to do was \'slide\' along the wall - i.e, if you\'re walking South against a North/South wall, your cursor would be heading South East, so you\'d walk \'into\' the walkthrough wall instead of \'past\' it.
With Exult, it seems like there is a delay between when the engine determines you\'re colliding with a wall and when you\'re not.

This is very demonstratable when no secret doors are involved, but you\'re just walking past a building by \'sliding\' past the walls (as described above). The Avatar keeps walking South for a few more steps before heading South East well after the building wall has finished - I\'m assuming this would be due to the same issue.

I believe the same behaviour was mentioned in bug #649335 (First part of the second paragraph), although I\'m not 100% certain it\'s identical.

I know it\'s not exactly a plot stopping \'bug\' and might probably sit more comfortably within the \'Feature Requests\' section, however it does get rather frustrating having to rely on trying to find secret doors by stopping every few steps and walking directly into the wall to check, then taking a few more steps, walking directly into the wall, etc.

I\'ve recorded two videos:

- The first is demonstrating the issue in the Knight\'s Test (it doesn\'t always happen, only when you don\'t want it to :). Note, set to 10fps in Exult

- The second shows the issue when in town, walking against a wall. Set to 4 fps in Exult (changed it just to see if there was a difference - there's not AFAICS).

Saved game for Knight's test attached.



  • Zacros

    Knight's Test saved game