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0.0.4 is out.

Finally 0.0.4 is out, with a bunch of new features, and bug fixes. So test it to death and let me know about bugs and things you guys want to see in the next release. Check out the change log for a list of new features, fixes, changes etc.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2004-11-16

Icons...ecleTeX needs some icons.

As some of you may have noticed, i have no skill at all when it comes to graphics design (The icon set for this app is a prime example) So this is a desparate plea to anyone with even a deluded sense of talent to knock some icons up for ecleTeX. Hopefully in an eclipse sort of style. Icons for chapter, section, subsection, subsubsection, Citation and Label are needed. And probably new icons for the document types, tex and bibtex are needed to. (As those suck also!). Any help would be much appreciated.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2004-09-27

ecletex 0.0.3 is here.

Well another release. Plenty of bug fixes, and some cool features added. (Hover support for images and citations, see changelog for details).

I am thinking of removing the ps and pdf build options and adding two export wizards to achive this functionality. Thoughts are welcome on this idea.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2004-07-12

Gentoo Portage

For all you gentoo users ecleTeX has made it into the gentoo portage tree.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2004-06-03

Whats That... Oh yeah another release

Well here we have another release. Fixed a few bugs and added a couple of features including a template system and a special characters translation filter. Have a look at the change log. Also added a source release for all those that wanted that. So download, have fun and let the bugs fly!

Posted by Ian Hartney 2004-05-25

Big Changes. New Version

Well its been a while since a release, but one has finally arrived. And its a big one! The name has changed to "ecletex", as etex is used by a TeX interpreter of that name. The code base has been rewritten to work with Eclipse 3M8, so it probably wont work with previous versions... sorry, but it had to be done! Also there are changes to the code highlighting engine, and many other things as listed in the change log. The release should be much more stable, but as always feedback is good.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2004-05-17

Finally a new release!

Version 0.0.9 is out. All build engines now work, still no error reporting! sorry :(

DVI viewer is coming along. Reincluded in the release... only tested on windows however.

Many little bug fixes. See change log.

This version has been tested on 3m03 3m07 and 2.1.1. It seem to run fine on 3m03 and 2.1.1 however on 3m07 there are issues, it is very slow, and many features dont work.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2004-03-13

A new day a new release (0.0.8).

In this release i have added the ability to select different language dictionaries for the spellchecker on a per project basis. Currently there are only english and german distributed with etex. Infuture i will have other dictionaries as optional downloads. It you want to add your own, just save the dictionary as a word list and save it in a directory called the name of the language in the 'dictionary' folder of the eTex plugin. Use the filename, 'all.words'. The dictionary will be found the next time Eclipse loads and the option will appear in the project preferences.... read more

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-12-01

Version 0.0.7 is up.

This release is the first to include a Tex project nature and builder. The builder is very simple and is controlled by properties on the project. It can build the latex, run bibtex and generate postscript file, there is a problem with the PDF bit of the builder, so you will have to wait till the next release for that. To have access to the builder you need to create a eTex project from the New->Project->Other menu. Once the project is created go to the project properties and set the main file and any build options. For the builder to work you need to set your tex bin directory, usually /usr/bin/ for linux users, and the mitex bin directory for windows users. As you cant really incrementally build latex you will need to use the rebuild project command to build.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-11-22

Big Developments In The Works

Well the next release will have some big additions. A Tex project type has been implemented with an associated nature. The project type also has a build engine which is working (currently working on parsing the tex log output), so now eclipse can build your tex project internally (With a tex distribution installed... of course).

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-11-19

Version 0.0.6

This is a minor release, fixing a few bugs, and a nearly running DVI viewer. I have started putting in structures to create an Latex nature, to allow Latex Projects, to incorporate some of the requested features, and a build engine. But it might be a while. Having to write my Phd Mini Thesis at the moment, so time is an issue.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-11-06

Damn those bugs!

Serves me right for not testing the product! The autocomplete engine in the currect release (0.0.5) is broken. A simple fix, and is currently in the CVS, so will be in the next release.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-10-09

And now for 0.0.5

Version 0.0.5 is here. Again deployed from 2.1.1 so it should word for everyone.

The old spell check view is gone, and replaced by an inline spell checker that highlights incorrect words and is hooked into the auto compete engine, so all corrections are done as a part of the ctrl-space function.

A few small bug fixes, and that is about it.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-10-09

Version 0.0.4 has surfaced.

Well heres a new version. A few bugs were fixed in the outline view, and some pretty icons were added to. A few SWT bugs were sorted out, and a new Spell check view has been added.... however dont use it!! unless you want some laughs! It is a somwhat eccentric. It seems to not find some valid words... eventhough they are on the suggestions list, but it does come up with some good suggestions for no valid words. Oh, and its really, really, really slow. So much room for improvement. ... read more

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-09-29

Version 0.0.3 is out.

I have release version 0.0.3 in two different packages. One is a release deployed from eclipse 3.0.0 and is the main release, the other is delpoyed from version 2.1.1 of eclipse as there seem to have been a number of issues with using the 3.0.0 deployed version in 2.1.1. Hopefully this will solve these issues.

Also the bibtex view is improved, an no longer wants to refresh all the time.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-09-24

Eclipse Version Issues

There appears to be an issue on which versions of eclipse the plugin works for. The plugin is being developed on Eclipse 3.0.0 and it appears that this is causing some issues when running on eariler versions. These problems dont appear to be source related, more to do with complilation. If exactly the same project is deployed using Eclipse 2.1.1 it works fine in Eclipse 2.1.1 environments. So i will deploy a version using Eclipse 2.1.1 occasionaly, but the main stream will stick with 3.0.0

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-09-24

New eTex version 0.0.2

A new version is out, adding a bibtex view as well as a preference page and a code completion keyboard shortcut.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-09-23

First Release

Well the first release is up. Features currently include code highlighting, a code completion infrastruture with a small completion database, and an outline view.

Posted by Ian Hartney 2003-09-22