Version 0.08 released

Although this version has only one new feature, I found it important enough to increase the version number.

Release 0.08 adds a lockstep-mode for the interactive debugger.

Run the emulator on two different systems, and compare results in real-time (useful for troubleshooting porting issues). It makes realtime slower, though...

Here's how to set things up:

1. start es40_lss (slave executable) on machine A
2. start es40_lsm (master executable) on machine B
3. enter machine A's IP address when prompted for by machine B
4. connect your serial port telnet sessions to machine B only!!!
5. enter IDB commands at machine B's prompt.

start by setting "DISASS ON", when disassembly is on, results from both emulators' processors will be compared. You will not see disassembly on either machine, only when differences between the two machines occur will you be notified.

Happy porting!

Posted by Camiel Vanderhoeven 2007-02-28